Summer Bundle!


Summer Bundle!

  • 4 x Barrow Bags of Alder
  • 2 x Kindling
  • 2 x Woodies Eco Firelighters
  • 4 x Nets of Beech Logs

Normal Price: £295.50

Buy NOW whilst offer last!

All our logs are 10 inches in length.

Important Information: If you have selected ‘Yes – I am in all day’ your delivery time could be subject to change as we plan our delivery route. This means the time slot you choose at the booking stage may alter. Please only select this option if you are available for your delivery at any time on the chosen day.

Our bag moving charges apply to properties with limited access to their log stores. This includes: Long thick gravel driveways, extensive lawns, stairs, or other major barriers to navigate. If you need bags lifted through your property, please inform us so we can send a team of two to handle it safely. Feel free to call if you’re unsure about any potential charges.

If you won’t be available and are comfortable with us leaving the bags in a convenient spot without contact, specify the location in the “notes” section after payment.




The finest quality Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs:

We have revamped our delivery method for logs. Instead of tipped loads on your driveway, we now provide deliveries in our Barrow Bags. Barrow Bags have become an incredibly popular choice for most of our customers, which is why we are now choosing to use this method of delivery.

The Barrow Bag system is great for several reasons:

  1. The bags are perfectly sized to fit through any sized alleyway and entrance around your property.
  2. We will move the bags to a convenient location around your property for an additional charge (depending on the type and size of load you order) using a sack trolley. This option is available on the website when the order is placed.
  3. No mess to clean up after we’ve dropped them off.
  4. The bags are weatherproof, keeping the logs dry during transport.
  5. Each bag weighs roughly around 60 – 70kg.
  6. The bags have four handles at the top and one large handle at the bottom, allowing for two people to conveniently lift the bags up small steps or to store them on top of each other.
  7. We do ask that customers look after the Barrow bags for when they next order, so that they can be recycled for future deliveries.
  8. The Barrow bags allow us to fit nearly three times as much wood on the back of our transits, cutting fuel emissions and saving lots of time. This, in turn, reduces delays in getting the logs to you.
  9. Much easier to work out exactly how much you need to fill a desired storage space.

We are confident that all of our customers will benefit from this new delivery method.